2015 Oral Language Festival Challenge

On Thursday 20 August our school hosted the 2015 Rangatahi Festival where 17 schools / over 1000 students performed - it was an absolute privilege to organise this event for our local students, families and community.  Park Estate School will host it next in 2017.


School Uniform

At Mansell Senior School we take pride in our presentation so students are expected to wear the correct and full uniform on the way to school, at school and on the way home from school.

In 2016 we are phasing in a new school uniform which can be purchased from The Uniform Shoppe, 67 O'Shannessey Street, Papakura (oppsite the Farmers carpark.)  Their phone number is 09 296-6063.

The new polo shirts are "quick dry" which means that when students have sports or hot weather, it can be washed and dried easily overnight.  Shoes are to be black.  Closed in shoes are compulsory for technology.


At Mansell Senior School we use our learning minutes wisely so in 2016 learning will occur in 100-learning-minute blocks, allowing for more in depth and uninterrupted learning to occur.

8.00am    Office, breakfast club and study support open                                              8.30am    Classrooms open and teachers are available                                                  8.50am    Learning block 1                                                                                       10.30am   Morning tea                                                                                             11.00am   Learning block 2                                                                                       12.40pm   Lunch                                                                                                        1.20pm    Learning block 3                                                                                        3.00pm    End of school  

Stationery List 2016  

4 x 2B5 Lecture books (hardcover)

2 x 2E5 Math books (hardcover)

2 blue pens

1 red pen

1 Pencil                                                                        

Stationery packs are available from the school for $26.00                                       


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