2015 Term Dates

At Mansell Senior School there will be a Teacher Only Week from Tuesday 27th until Friday 30th January where teachers will be involved in professional learning and preparation for the school year.  During this time, the school office will open for any support you may need.

Term 1

Monday 2 February – Thursday 2 April

Term 2

Monday 20 April – Friday 3 July

Term 3

Monday 20 July – Friday 25 September

Term 4

Monday 12 October – Tuesday 15 December


2015 Uniform Standards

At Mansell Senior School we ensure all our students take pride in themselves by wearing the complete school uniform with black school shoes.  We sell all uniform items at the school except for the shoes.  When buying shoes, please make sure they are closed / covered so your child is safe when working in the technology classes.   Jewellery, make-up, nail-polish and bright dyed hair are not permitted.  We make exceptions for small studs, sleepers and necklaces that are of religious or cultural significance, such as taonga.  Please note there are only a limited number of trackpants available for sale in 2015 be in quick.  NOTE - ALL WINTER UNIFORM IS CURRENTLY ON SALE 

2015 Stationery List

We do not charge any school fees so we expect all families to pay the technology fee of $65 which covers everything for the year including food, printing and all materials – this is a very good deal!  We also expect every child to start the school year with the following stationary which can be purchased from the Warehouse Stationery:    

  • 5 x 2B5 Lecture books (hardcover)
  • 2 x 2E5 Math books (hardcover)
  • 2 blue pens
  • 1 red pen
  • 1 pencil

Students do a lot of their learning on our devices (ipads, notebooks and PCs) which allows us to keep your stationery costs down so please make sure you get all the right stationery for your child.