This is how we roll at Mansell

28th July 2016 - Envirochamps and Whaea Agaleleli before their big planing day.

On the 28/7/16 the Enviro Champs went out on a trip to help improve the Papakura stream catchment.  The girls were keen and motivated to plant even though it was wet and muddy.  We all managed to plant about 400 (from 4000) trees which was a great effort!  We mainly planted some flax, red matipo, whiteywood, hebe, manuka, and kanuka.

We also learnt about a young tree seedling which is like an olive and a main food source for Maori.  They would eat the flesh of the berries and then cook.  The kernels are called Taraire (Beilschmedia tarairi)  Some say the kernels are poisonous if eaten raw.  The kereru would eat the flesh off the berries and then the kernels would be cooked.

We were also the only school that helped out on the day and three other volunteers.  We were told by the regional manager that the other schools cancelled because of the rain but these girls were eager to get the job done.

Whaea Agalelei


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